August Garden

Things are looking good!

Bean screen looks lovely and shades the house and since it’s in an area that doesn’t get as many hours of sun it hasn’t burned this year and we’re only now getting lots of green beans.

Cutting more broccoli shoots-we ate the main heads weeks ago.

Jungle like tomato plant

We’ve got corn, but something has been getting into it–gross.

Here’s the disgusting little creature now.  What IS that?

Thankfully, there are still a few good ears

The borage flowers are pretty, but what to do with this? Any herbalists with ideas?

And this looks juuust about ripe! We have about 6-7 watermelons this year!

Todays harvest, with a few weeds presiding over them.

Things have been so great this year!

There are a few things I think I’ll move around-like one patch where no veggie has ever thrived, and I’ll definitely make time to get the tomato species I really want next year. While the ones we have now are delicious, the heirlooms we had last year were even better. I also need to invest in better tomato cages.  The sad little metal wire cones are not up to the task. The squirrels have unfortunately discovered the butternut squash this year and are chomping away at it, so I may need to get a mesh cover for those that are left.  The corn grubs are just gross.  And one kale plant for a family of 4 is way, way more than enough kale. While the jalapeno plant did really well, I’m giving up on the bell peppers. Not worth the real estate for the sad few fruits I get, and given that if they were going to do well it would have been this year. I’d rather plant a different tomato plant or eggplant.

Broccoli was fantastic to have, and the eggplant has done really well. The tomatillo plant is just starting to produce fruit, and it’s one of my favorites to have fresh from the garden.  Such delicious salsa and sauces!

Now off to cook with all that food-the latest bon appetit has recipes for an eggplant rice bake, kale salad, and grilled corn with herb butter which we happen to have most of the ingredients for after the harvest today! Yum.

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