In which we fail again at seeing the monkeys

Our last full day in Ubud, and we were determined to visit the Monkey Forest! Well, I was anyway. Eric, he is not so interested in the monkeys as he feels we have enough experience with mischievous wildlife without ever leaving our house. I’ll add here that the girl was a massive pill today and part of my desire to go to the monkey forest was to see if they might claim her as one of their own and take her off our hands. She woke in the foulest mood, screaming at the top of her lungs because I said “no” to screen time. She recovered during the day but went back into fit mode at the end of the day, babbling angrily in that way of hers where we have no idea what she’s even talking about. It’s like if you combined Animal’s guttural screams with the nasal wah wah sound of Charlie Brown’s teacher. Sigh. 
Anyway, back to the day at hand. We took the morning off and just relaxed after the busy day yesterday and also scheduled our free foot massages that came with our stay at this Villa. We sat in a room off the side of the infinity pool and blissed out and then did some blogging from this beautiful spot. 

 After noon, we headed into town. I had a few shops I really wanted to visit, the first on my list was Threads of Life. A fair trade fabric and dyeing center that focuses on helping rural communities to be self sufficient and uses natural dyeing methods as well to be environmentally sound. There’s a lot of cheaply produced souvenir stuff around to buy, and I want to try and buy responsibly wherever we go if I can. The displays of ikat dyed fabric and batik were so, so pretty. I picked up a scarf for myself! They had three different patterns and I spent a long time trying to pick out the one I want, finally resorting to the KonMari method and choosing the one that sparked joy when I held it. 🙂 
We stopped in for lunch where I had another big plate of my favorite Indonesian dish, Nasi Champur. This plate was quite different from the first one I had, and if I ever come back here I’m going to create an instagram account where all I do is take pictures of the different plates of Nasi Champur everywhere. Every single thing in this meal was incredible. We’ve eaten mostly Indonesian food while here, and the boy loves it too. The girl…well…hasn’t quite taken to it, but we’re working on it. 🙂

One of the things that was on our must do list for the girl was getting a fish pedicure. We chose the big fish and Eric, the girl, and I got in. The boy took one look at the tank, his eyebrows went up and he shook his head in absolute refusal. There is nothing quite like having a swarm of fish nibble at your feet, and the sensation is, well, unique. 

We decided, at this point, to go back to the wood shop to get the slab table we’d loved yesterday, thinking we’d have plenty of time to get back to Ubud to see the Monkey forest afterwards. I had completely forgotten how long it takes to make things happen in places that are not the US. First, getting a car took a while. Then the traffic took forever. Then we had to negotiate with the wood seller, then of course, when that was all done, my credit card was declined for a possible suspicious transaction! After some time on the phone, it was all cleared up and we are now the proud owners of a large chunk of suar wood that will end up at our house as a table. In about a year. The interaction with the wood seller was pretty funny. The shipping cost to the US ended up being $666, and I noted that this was the number of the Devil in the US! The seller said to me, “No problem, we can make it $750 instead,” with a smile and a knowing look, and I said, “No no no, I’m not much of a believer anyway!” (Side note: it only takes about 2-3 months if you’re having it shipped directly, but since we’re not home for a while we’re having it stay here until we’ll be back since we’ll have to pick it up from the port of Denver ourselves. I have NO IDEA where the port of Denver is.) 
Of course, after all this, the Monkey Forest Sanctuary was almost closed, and we were stuck with the girl, with no chance of returning her to her true people. . We managed to spend 4 days in Ubud and miss the number one tourist attraction here, though we did see a few monkeys wending their way around restaurant patios. I’m a bit disappointed, sure, but there are plenty of other monkeys to be seen around the world and like I’ve said before, it’s impossible to see everything! I also didn’t make it back to any of the ikat fabric shops and I wish we could have done that too. If I could redo one thing it would have been to skip the cremation attempt on the first day and go to the Monkey Forest at that time instead. If I could redo anything else it would be to have simply spent more time in Bali, and this is one of the places on our “must revisit” list. 

2 thoughts on “In which we fail again at seeing the monkeys

  1. Arty says:

    I wasted my summer trying to catch trout by tying worms or flies on the end of my line. Next summer, I’m going to use something that looks and smells like Lu’s toes!

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