I find myself losing another group of friends

So I have had 2 friends in New Zealand wicht sort of left me out but we made friends and I treasure them but now I made 2 more friends in the US and one of them is a title jurke to me the other is nicer but not by much most of the time I like to have a friend but I am not surprised that this has happened again. And to make it worse I fell like some other people put me down for who I am. So my “Friends” where doing truth or dare and you know what would happen. Later I broke up with those “friends” and they made friends with the meanest girl in the class.  😑 then they started to take the lunch basket bown to the lunch room and up to the classroom for about 2 hole weeks I noticed I tried to stand up to them but they were just put me down and still took the lunch basket. When I told my mom she just disapproved of me so that made me sadder and then the boys stood up to them and sat right next to the backet and the girls didn’t complain. When I told mom she just said that need to happen. Now imagine how I felt you would probably feel the same way . last night I had a horribly day and then I got yelled at by my family but later dad came into the room and said hey let’s play carcassonne ( 😍😍our fun Ipad game) but then the boy would want to play and just insult me so dad said that we could start are own game I felt better after that. Next morning I had not spoken to anybody and had to go to the bathroom but I was having a dream  but I had to so I did and guess what while I am washing my hands when  the boy barge in ( we share a bathroom😑😢😭😭) and is like you have to put this on and this I had not yet flushed and the boy yelled at me for not flushing the toilet and that hurt my feelings that my own brother can’t give a thought about my feelings. And then the girl that hates me started t take a bout my crush when he was siting at my table blarrrrrggggggggggg stupid girls.I still hate her but that could change.



P.S I am writing this in school after a math test.😟 😶😶

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