Ugh. Just Ugh.

Dear Friends, I have done that which I promised never to do.

I have knit something truly ugly.

This is not really the first time I’ve ever knitted something hideous, but the last time was really more because I didn’t know what I was doing. That time I was knitting a little hat with berries on it, and I used a variegated yarn thinking that each berry would be a separate color and oh how cute that would be and really, it was a splotchy mess.  That hat was undone and became some washcloths.

That hat is one of the reasons I’m leery of variegated yarns anyway. I’ve done some other projects with them but have learned only to use variegated yarns that are tonal variations so it’s a subtle color shift, otherwise you end up with a piece that looks like clown vomit.

So for this piece, the intent was there, I used a tonal variegated yarn with a solid yarn to knit with it for strength and thinking that it would add consistency of color. Instead what  I ended up with was this:




What is that thing, you might ask. Well, it is meant to be a fetching little shoulder capelet thing to wear over tanks or sundresses, or flipped around as a scarf.

See how cute it is on the pattern page?


Citron Shawl

by Hillary Smith Callis

Yarns used: Habu A-60 Linen Paper Shoseni, 1 skein

Habu A-1 Tsumugi Silk

Maybe, I thought, maybe it will look better ON. You never know.


I’m too embarrassed to even spend time with it on to take better pictures. It doesn’t help.

Here it is worn as a “scarf”



I was especially excited since it’s with my beloved Habu yarns, a linen paper yarn and a silk held together, which I thought, hey, linen and silk! perfect for summer. But the linen is a paper linen and I thought it would soften with washing and it’s like wearing raffia.

Eric says I look like I’m wearing a bib. And he’s right.

I’ve shown a few people this and said, testing, “This is so ugly!” Hoping that they would disagree with me and say something like “No! It’s beautiful!”

That hasn’t happened yet.  Usually I just get a face and a sucking through the teeth and a slow, knowing, nod.

So it’ll be unraveled and made into something else. Maybe. Or I might just have some knitters PTSD with it and it will languish in my stash, forever.