Montessori in the Home

The Boy has started playing “Teacher”. He goes to a Montessori school, so this means that he, of course, is the teacher, and sets out “lessons” for other people. Here is an example of how he sets out his lessons:

Here you see the semicircle of lessons lined up in front of him. The work he is currently doing involves sorting the curlers into various boxes according to color.







Here is another work involving balancing completely unbalanceable objects. This one was pretty fun. There was another work involving wooden letter blocks in which you had to stack the blocks but match up letters on the touching sides.  He just couldn’t figure out how to match up two sides at the same time and kept turning them and getting progressively more frustrated.

In general, pretty funny, especially when he gets mad and starts to tell you, “No! That’s not how you do the lesson! Listen to me!” Or when he praises you and tells you “Nice work! Good job!” Nothing like validation from a 3 year old to make your day.

One thought on “Montessori in the Home

  1. Sapana says:

    I’m pretty proud of that tower of things I got to balance! I also enjoy when he says, “That’s it!” and “Good idea!” or when he asks me to call him Miss.Kendra.


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