Museum chatter

On a recent museum trip ( with mild paraphrasing)…

Me: “Let’s go see if they have any paintings by Rousseau like in your book at home.”

A: “I don’t like Rousseau anymore.”

M:”Why not?”

A:”Because they took away that painting with the man who was firing up the books and the people said

M:”Oh, honey, that was Daniel Richter, not Rousseau.”

A:”Oh. Where is that painting now?”

M:”They moved it to a different museum.”

A:”Oh! Can we go to the Different Museum sometime to see that painting, because I really loved it.”

M:”Maybe, kiddo.”

A:”Mommy, is Rousseau dead?”

M:”Yes, he died a long time ago.”

A:”That makes me sad because Rousseau is my friend.”

M:”Sorry, sweetheart.”

A:”Is Van Morrison dead?”

M:”No, he’s not. He’s quite alive.”

A:”Oh! Can we go see him sing sometime? Because he is my friend!

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