Bagel Faces!

My mom gave me the book Pretend Soup a few years ago, when the boy was about 18 months old.  Since then, we’ve made most of the recipes in it.  The boy loves to help me in the kitchen, and usually gets all dressed up for it in his apron.

This morning, we made one of his favorites, “Bagel Faces.”

Chopping like a pro

Chopping like a pro

You cut up cucumbers, bell peppers, and other veggies and put them on a bagel with cream cheese to make a face.  Most importantly, you must have a lot of sprouts on hand for hair.  This bagel had a face until the boy insisted that he was making a Daddy bagel, and daddies have a lot of hair.


The best part, of course, is seeing your three year old shove it into his mouth, utterly unaware of the fact that he’s not supposed to like sprouts.


Bagel Bliss


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