Evolution of a Tantrum

There was a good 5-7 minutes of screaming before this video started, so you’re just catching the tail end of it.  The funny thing is, I started the tantrum by telling him that he could not use more tape to hang up his poster.  That was it.  Somehow, the anger was transferred to Eric and I’m still invited to the party.

Lest you think this is a bit unfair, well, I suppose it is, but the boy was eager to see the video shortly after and laughed at himself the entire time.  Dinner was uneventful, other than when he killed a bug who was unluckily crawling along the railing of our back porch.

When does being 3 years old end? Sigh.

One thought on “Evolution of a Tantrum

  1. Sapana says:

    Aw!! “You broke up my heart!”

    Also, is there a way you can get rid of the “possibly related posts”? These are what come up:

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