Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Yesterday was the official day, but I was post-night shift and in no shape to blog using polysyllabic words.

Let’s see what I managed to write about in the last year:

At wordle, you can put in anything you want and generate a wordcloud where the frequency of a word used in the source relates to the size of the word in the cloud.  The one painfully obvious thing that jumps out at me is that I clearly use the words “really” and “just” waaaaay too much.  I mean, they rate more often than my kids! My husband was quick to point out that he rates below not only “boy” and “girl,” but also well below “yarn” and “knitting.”  I refuse to comment on that for fear of incriminating myself.

The truth is, the wordcloud is a pretty good little snapshot of what I do with most of my time.  I confess, I wish there were some better words/phrases in there to make me seem cooler, like “humanitarian,” “novella,”  “drag queen,” or “hiking Kilamanjaro” but that’s just not where things are right now.  To borrow a phrase, so it goes.  While it may seem narrow in scope, I’d like to think that the world I’ve constructed around myself is rich in depth, humor, love, and fun.  And now I’m getting all cheesy, which simply isn’t allowed.

Let’s see what comes in the next year, and if I can manage to shift the cloud  bit further to the cool side.

And with that, we’re off to a “Harmonica” party, where the boy gets the honor of lighting the first candle!

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