Girl, Uninterrupted

See this?

Looks cute, doesn’t she? Sweet, pleasant, cherubic even.  She is–as long as you give her whatever she wants.

Here is a typical response to a request denied:

Her language overall is improving, and for the most part we (meaning Eric, the boy and I) can understand what she means, but not other people.  Honestly, this has been tough for Eric and I since the boy was so verbal and so clear from a much younger age–even at 18 months you could understand everything he said and he consistently used 2-3 word sentences.   The girl….not so much.  She is completely normal and hitting all milestones and such, but the boy just has great language skills.  Everyday I’m amazed by how they are two completely different people, with different personalities and abilities.  The girl, for example, is much more adventurous at the playground than the boy was at her age, tackling the “fast slide” with aplomb.

Back to the language–she is loud. Here’s a relatively typical morning, where we try to figure out what she wants and largely fail.  Turn up the decibel level in your head by about 10 and you’ll hear what she actually sounds like every day.

2 thoughts on “Girl, Uninterrupted

  1. Deirdre says:

    Nora watched these videos of Lulu (whom she calls “Yoyo,” FYI) and is very definitely on Yoyo’s side in the sugar debate.

    Nora: Yoyo! Sugar! More! Cry!

    Me: Right, but she can’t have anymore sugar. What did her mommy say?

    Nora: Wah wah wah.

    In the next video, Nora was shouting out possible translations alongside you. Lulu would make her request, and Nora would scream, “Milk!” “Bottle!” “Oatmeal!” But I think we all know she was really asking for sugar.


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