730 days

The girl turns two years old today.  This means that, give or take, she has eaten about 400 waffles (faffels!), given 200 kisses, used 4,825 diapers (take that, environment!), and has watched maybe 20 hours of TV thus far (she never misses “Tool Academy”).  Every night she has heard me sing “All You Need is Love,” or Eric sing “My Darling” (by wilco, of course) and recite the Loving Kindness mantra.  She’s incredibly loving and sweet, especially towards her big brother, whom she usually awakens with a back rub and a kiss on the cheek.  She’s also a feisty little scavenger, and will try to steal your food from you by looking as cute as humanly possible and saying, “BIIIIIITE!!!!!” as loudly as she can.  Her morning ritual is to name all the animals in her crib before allowing you to take her out: “Beaaw!” (Bear) “Rabbit!” “Efant!” (elephant) “Srufa!” (Scruffy).

She also loves to sing, and usually wakes up and sings to herself in the crib for quite a while before she wants someone to come get her.  She also sings as she goes about her business, as you can see in this video below.  It’s done with a super secret stealth technique, because if she were to SEE the video camera, she would march over and demand to see the baby inside.

Happy birthday, little girl! We love you and hope you keep singing the rest of your life!

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