More Good Hair Days

It had been a decidedly un-cute morning.

First came the refusal to poop in the toilet, followed by an enthusiastic pooping in the underwear.

Then came the screaming fit because the “zeeba skut” (or “zebra skirt” for those of us with good enunciation) was dirty and could not be worn.

Then the tantrum because I hadn’t put enough “puh-puh pinkows” (or “purple sprinkles”) on her oatmeal.

But then she seemed to calm down and said, “Do pigtaows mommy? Teggie?” (Do pigtails mommy? Steggie?)

You may remember the ponyhawk, popularized by Sanjaya and worn well by the boy in this earlier post.  The girl calls this her “Steggie” hair because then she looks like a stegosaurus.  Of course, I obliged.


And thus was cuteness restored.

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