What the Hell do I do with all this Chard?

If you planted chard, chances are pretty good that you’re asking yourself this question.  There is only so much chard risotto and sauteed chard one can possibly stomach, and that tends to be the end of my repertoire of chard recipes, until this summer when I saw my friend Rebecca make some crispy kale chips that we gobbled up before dinner was even done.  Since kale and chard are often interchangeable, I thought, why not try it with chard?

First of all, gather chard.  I’m getting about this much chard twice a WEEK.

Next, wash and dry the leaves thoroughly. A helper makes this job much easier.

Next, remove the thick center ribs and then slice into one inch strips. I find that folding the leaves in half makes this much easier. You can save and sautee the stems for later, though I’m so sick of chard stems that I just put them into the compost.

Next, mix with olive oil, salt, and fresh pepper. Go easy on the olive oil. Place in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast at 425 for 7-10 minutes. If they’re too thickly layered, you end up with steamed chard. When done, you want some of the edges to be dark brown and almost slightly burnt.

All of that chard? Roasted nicely down into a more manageable bowl of crispy tastiness. It’s like potato chips, but healthier.

Then gobble away!

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