Giving Thanks

It was a rough Sunday with the boy a few weeks ago. I’m not entirely sure why.  Perhaps he was underfed, but it was still a day of much screaming and stomping and not listening.  I was left with no recourse but to take away his legos.  Yes, his LEGOS.

In the afternoon, we sat down and had him write out his thank you notes from his party from a few months ago.  (I know, I know, it’s a bit late. We love all the gifts we receive but I am terrible about getting the notes out in a reasonable amount of time.) Amazingly, he remembered exactly what everyone had given him, which I am thankful for since the scrap of paper on which I had had that information written down was lost long ago. I know there’s mixed opinions, but I like using the prefilled thank you cards for this age.  It’s still a lot of effort for him to write out everyone’s name and their present, but would be too much for him to write out a full note for everyone. Besides, the spelling can be fun to watch.

After the note writing, he’d been sent to his room for the 10th time that day (I think for screaming into my ear that time). Shortly afterwards, he emerged, and thrust a note into my hands, grumbling, “You know where to mail this one.”

And my heart melted just a little bit, and we gave each other a big hug, and the rest of the day got a little better.

(“Litsavr,” by the way, refers to the lightsaber that I got him for his birthday. See what I mean about the spelling?)

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