Stripey Baby Sweater

I remember when the kids were babies and we’d get clothes from people that were just HUGE.  Didn’t people know how small babies were?

Well, as I’ve learned, you forget fast. I mean, now that my kids are bigger (but still small) I can’t possibly imagine anyone as small as a baby, especially when you’re knitting something.

A cousin of ours recently had a baby and so I knit a little sweater for her:

Pattern: Green Zebra Baby Sweater

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease

I’ve started putting these little tags onto my knits-so cute, no? And you can also write in helpful washing instructions.  I NEVER give a baby gift that can’t be washed and dried.  That’s just mean.

Now, by “recently” I mean the baby was born in April.  Those things grow fast and I was worried that the sweater that I’d started sometime shortly after that would now be too big.

I thought I’d try it on the smallest creature I had handy:

It’s a bit snug, buuuut I think it’ll be okay for the *cough* 7 month old *cough* it’s intended for.

In a year or so.

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