The Most Awesome Email I’ve Ever Received

I got this email from my dad this morning and had to share:

OK folks, Mitt Romney here. I have been crisscrossing the country for last six years. I know I have changed my positions on many issues. I consider that as a part of my etch-a-sketch strategy. I am aware Newt called me a liar, Santorum called me the worst Republican. I even remember late Senator Kennedy called me multiple choice person. I can’t help it if I like all aspects of any issue. Therefore, I was the staunch conservative Governor during Republican primaries. Now, in general election, I am a peaceloving centrist candidate. I am of the firm opinion that corporations are people too. Women should not have right to choose. You know Akins and Murdock are right, if a women gets pregnant even as a result of rape, its God’s wish and we cannot go against it. I will reduce your taxes, make our military strong, attack Iran with Netanyahu and also as time permits, will balance the budget. Finally, I am asking for your vote. I really, really want to be your President. Don’t worry, I have already promised Grover Norquist I will sign anything he puts on my desk. All I want is when I hold Ann in my arms in the Lincoln bedroom, she can croon in my ear, “Mr. President!”. I am not asking for much, am I? Thanks for your vote and God bless America!

Don’t forget to vote!!!

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