Dragons are probably the most famed mythical creatures of all. The biggest mystery about them is: did they exist? We have evidence for that in the dinosaurs. Look at the arrowhead shaped head, the curved back bone, the sturdy legs. Do you see the resemblance? But what about the herbivores? They could have been prey for the dragons. Just think what it would be like living with dragons. What would they look like? Would we live in peace with them? Would we be exterminated? Would we be able to talk to them? Who knows? Do you?

Image result for dino bones

P.S wouldn’t be cool to to have a time machine

6 thoughts on “Dragons

  1. Sapana Kulkarni (@sapanakulkarni) says:

    I think it would be SO cool to have a time machine! I think I would want to go back for two big reasons:

    1) to meet people and experience things i can only imagine — like, what it was like to put together the declaration of independence or go across the country in a covered wagon or be a hunter/gatherer

    2) selfishly, to go back and study for big tests and do my homework on time! by the same token, to not worry about going to the right parties and making time for the right people.

    in terms of dragons, i think it would be cool to live with them if they were domesticated — like a pet dog — and they were not firebreathing. that said, i think fire breathing dragons would be pretty scary and i don’t think i could handle living with them!

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