The “Nerd” Field Trip

The day of the field trip, before my class got on to the buses, at home, me and my mom packed our bags for the field trip and went to school. After going through the procedures we disembarked, we being the whole of 4th grade, including 77 smelly, loud and not to mention nerdy, and awesome people scattered throughout the throng. I joined up with my group consisting of my mom one of my best friends and his mom and three other friends we, as a group, named ourselves the nerds. First the whole of 4th grade got on two school buses and went to … ONE MILE ABOVE SEA LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka thirteen step of the capital building. Then our troop moved onward and yon-ward until we got to… MC. Donald’s! The only thing to say about that is … well don‘t go there. After we got there and went we loaded onto ONE insanely packed bus to go to City Park. After City Park the rest of the day went past in a blaze as we were so fatigued, but we still we went to Union Station jumped on the 150 Meridian( I think…) and saw some cool stuff. And for dinner we went to the Old Spaghetti factory. The end of the days excitement had ended. At least I had thought so! No not quite the excitement had far from ended as, I am a boy I had to sleep with the rest of the boys and boy where the loud! No one fell asleep till 11:00 pretty much.

Once we had all woken up we ate a sugar filled breakfast. And started the ghost part of the tour where we got to see some of the creepiest houses in Denver. Then we were able to see the Supreme Court it was AWESOME!! But that pretty much ended our day. So we went back to the mansion and got on buses and drove back to school

 The judicial system, as you might be wondering is where the Supreme Courts interpret and apply the Constitution to laws and cases.





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