When we were in Phnom Penh we did not get bitten one bit because we had aerosol on. As mom mentioned in one of her blog posts but luckily we didn’t have to buy it because there is some in the flat where we are staying right now.

Here are some facts about mosquitoes. One, they make diseases like malaria, yellow fever and the Zika virus. And, they also transmit diseases. They have a virus in their blood and then they give it to people. They use saliva to numb your skin and then they bite you and when they are taking out your blood they infect you!

You can stop mosquitoes by using bug spray and having mosquito nets around your bed.

One more fact: only the females bit you. Not the males.

Me and my family got bitten in Bali and Australia. I’ve been bitten five or four times. Nobody got sick, too.

Also you are probably wondering: do Cambodians use bug spray? Well, no because when they are kids they catch the fever and then they build up an immunity when they are adults.

Here’s what a mosquito looks like:


diagram of mosquito 





please read my moms post 🙂

thank you

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