In which we say gooooodbye, Vietnam!

We’ve left southeast Asia, hopefully to return again someday. We’re in Tokyo now, staying near Shinjuku and have landed in another world altogether. 
Last night, as we waited for our delayed flight to Tokyo from Saigon, I began to feel a little depressed. Much like any event which you ancipate for a long time, like a wedding or a marathon, once it’s over you feel a bit melancholy, as that wonderful exciting day is now over and in the past. Here we are, six weeks into the journey and on the eve of visiting the country I’ve been the most excited about, and I can’t believe it’s actually here! It just feels like it’s all going too fast. Those first days in New Zealand seem ages ago – in the last six weeks we’ve been in six countries and on ten planes. We’ve been mountain biking in a rainforest, visited the Sydney Opera House, camped under the stars at Uluru, seen the Great Barrier Reef, walked around Angkor Wat, and crawled through the Cu Chi tunnels. From highly urban to hardly developed, we’ve seen an entire range of the world, even in the little slice we’ve been through. Many days I wake up in the morning and have to remind myself where in the world I am, without Rocapella to sing me awake and remind me. (Shout out to the readers who get the reference. 🙂 ) I keep telling myself to just soak in every day and take it all in. 
Onto the Vietnamese street signs: water edition. The river has signs! 

Lightning possible for the next 8 nautical miles.

Don’t drop your anchor here, there are loch ness monsters resting. 

Beware of suddenly rising submarines.


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