On awkward legs

No, this isn’t about the Girl learning how to walk. She’s really quite content just to sit there and shows no signs of wanting to crawl anytime soon.

I speak of myself, on skis for the first time. The whole family went cross country skiing yesterday, and had a blast. I was a bit skeptical after seeing cross country skiing so widely mocked, but  I was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was. I like snowboarding, too, but you don’t really get much of a chance to enjoy the surroundings.

We stuffed both kids into a rented ski trailer:


Hooked them up to the ski sherpa:


and off we went!


and then, to the lodge for some well-deserved hot chocolate:


I did pretty well, with only a couple falls.  At times I felt like an elephant with flippers, but I think I generally managed to get around okay. The Girl slept most of the way and looked a bit disgruntled the other times, as if to say, “Why aren’t you carrying me?” She’s never been in a stroller so she might have found it a bit confusing. The Boy just loved it. He kept searching the woods for heffalumps and was disappointed that we couldn’t go deeper into the woods to look for them as the trails were too steep for me.  I think his favorite part was peeing in the snow, after which he proudly exclaimed, “I made the letter I!!”

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