Knitting update

I did say I was going to blog about the knitting, right? Somewhere in between all of the other things I’ve managed to finish a couple things.

First, the Clapotis:


I had some issues with this.  When it was first done, I thought it was a bit frumpy and wasn’t too happy.  After blocking it and ironing it (yes, it’s suggested by the manufacturer) it was pretty but a bit flat.  I re-blocked it and scrunched up the drop stitch ladders and voila, a bouncy gorgeous scarf that is not frumpy. Make sure you compliment me if you see me wearing it–it will make me happy and I will get to say with false modesty, “Oh, this little thing? It was nothing!”

imgp10402I’ve decided I quite like this pattern and may want to make another one someday.

The other recently finished piece is another scarf made from a gorgeous thick and thin yarn from ArtFibers in San Francisco.  I was lucky enough to visit recently and make a pilgrimage trip to the store. It’s warm and yummy.


close up of texture

close up of texture

I’ve also learned that it is difficult to get a picture of yourself wearing a knitted piece if you are the one holding the camera, which is why there are no pictures of me actually wearing said objects. I’ve seen other pictures where people put them on stuffed animals, but I think that looks dumb. My son wouldn’t stand still enough for a picture, and my daughter would eat the scarves.  I may be able to wrangle my husband into taking some pictures for the next one.

Next project: Lace Ribbon Scarf for my sister, which is coming along nicely.

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