Blood makes noise

No, not a gory doctoring post.

I was thinking about the differences between my two kids.  Though I wouldn’t have believed it before becoming a parent, I’m beginning to think more that personality is determined at birth.  Really, the Boy has always had that same look in his eye, the same fervent curiousity about the world around him and the same restlessness since he was born.  The Girl hasn’t had as long to show herself, but so far she’s just sweet, happy, and there’s something really beautiful about her that just shines. (Someone, please remind me of this post when they are teenagers and slam their bedroom doors in my face and shout, “You’re ruining my life!! I hate you!!”)

To that end, this morning at the breakfast table I commented to Eric that the difference between the kids is that the Boy has more of an inner fire and the Girl has more of an inner light. I’m hoping this doesn’t come across as too cheesy. (I have an inner traffic light that is perpetually set to blinking red, if that helps)

The Boy was having none of this.

“I DON’T have a fire inside me!!” he kept insisting. “I don’t WANT fire inside me!”

“Well, what do you want inside you?”

“Just blood!!”

okay then.

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