The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Poor. Little. Girl.



Started with a fever about a week ago, which resolved after a day, and then a rash a few days later.  Took her to the pediatrician who diagnosed the generic catch-all term for “we’re not sure,” which is “viral syndrome.” She reassured us that it was not chicken pox, nor contagious as she had gone to school before the rash got quite so bad.  The girl kept scratching her back, though, and just seemed uncomfortable.  She’s such an easygoing little thing that she must have been pretty miserable to act like she was. 

It’s getting a bit better:


And she’s acting more like her usual self.  Case in point–she had previously lost her appetite a bit, but this morning was back to her usual voracious self.  4 oz of whole milk, an entire pear, 1/4 cup of cheerios, and 1/2 a banana, and that’s all before 8 am. 

Even through it all, she kept smiling as best she could:img_31562

On a side note, we’re working on cup training her, which she loves! She doesn’t quite get the sippy cup, but has a lot of fun with a glass and both she and the boy find the process hilarious:

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