Just add cute baby and stir

BSJ all done! Found these little pink flower buttons that work perfectly.  Since it’s for a baby girl, I didn’t want the whole thing to be pink because, god knows, every single gift you get is pink.  At the same time, I thought a little pink would be nice to coordinate with the piles of pink clothes that she has certainly received.




Still, I think this might look better in a non-cotton yarn as the cotton just shows too many of the little flaws.  Admittedly, I used Michael’s yarn to make this, but Cotton-Ease is just great for baby stuff as it machine washes and dries wonderfully.  Before I had kids of my own I think I gave a few presents that were hand wash only, and I now know that for sleep deprived parents the likelihood of this happening is essentially zero and the zombie that you are mechanically picks up piles of unwashed clothes and stuffs them into the washing machine without carefully sorting through everything.  Ask me how I know how to remove exploded diaper gel from the inside of a washing machine (wash a load with 1/2 cup or so of salt, if you’re ever in need). 

There is an exception for people who are knitters, but even then their non-knitting spouses may try to be “helpful” and do the laundry with disastrous results.

But back to the pattern which is fun and looks so cute, I’ll have to make one for my own baby, if  I can get her to sit still long enough to put it on:


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