A Hike in the Woods

Okay, this isn’t the best picture, and there are few things that need to be changed, but I’m too excited about this not to post it anyway:


To get a better picture, I would have to be home on a sunny day with my husband and no kids around to have a decent photo session.  Thus, the timer-assisted photo is all you get.  

Here’s one with flash that’s a bit brighter, but the color is truer in the above pic:


Obviously, the second from the bottom button is a bit too low and has been fixed.  Despite knitting a few gauge swatches, it’s still just a touch bigger around than I’d like so I only knitted 5 rows of the button bands to compensate  a bit.  I did knit it a bit longer in the body as I like my sweaters to hit around the top of my hips.  I love how the color turned out.  The yarn pooled a bit on the back but not much and overall the variegation is subtle.

Choosing buttons is hard–I mean, it can really change the look of a whole piece depending on what you get.  Imagine if I had gone with, say, teapot shaped buttons.  You would then describe it as “whimsical,” and I hate things that are whimsical.


I ended up going with these shell buttons that have a touch of a green shimmer to them. I think they add to the look of the whole piece.  Really, I’m pretty proud of myself–not bad for a first sweater!

Next up, for the dinosaur obsessed toddler:





2 thoughts on “A Hike in the Woods

  1. Sapana says:

    Good call on NOT using quirky buttons! I love the sweater! I can’t even believe we’re related sometimes — you’re so…happy homemaker-y!


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