Feeling extinct

Lest you think that I have been neglecting my knitting, rest assured that is not the case.  I’ve got two projects on the  needles these days.  The Steggie sweater is proving to be more challenging than I initially thought it would be and the sleeves are giving me paroxysms.  I’ve ripped out and redone the sleeve no less than six times at this point, and am getting pretty frustrated with them.  The issue comes with the spikes on the edges and finding out that I’ve wrapped the stitches wrong, but of course I only discover this about 4 rows up and then it’s hopeless.  Technically you should be able to rip out the border without involving the main body stitches, but as they’re all wrapped together my puny little brain can’t discern which stitch to put where and it becomes a royal mess.  If you know how to do this, tell me, please.


What you see here has been ripped and redone as I had done the increases on the wrong rows, but really I was initially happy about it since I got to redo the cast on as an invisible cast on, which looks awesome and professional.  This for a sweater that will be destroyed by a 4 year old.

In good news, the back and fronts are done.  I knitted both fronts at the same time using a helpful tip to pin the fronts together.  This way they are exactly the same size.


I’m also working on a more portable sweater, a daunting enterprise consisting of a sweater for myself knit out of DK yarn.  That might take a while…

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