Hey Jealousy

First of all, I would like to reassure all of you that peace was restored after that crazy night.  The boy slept in his bed all night long, the girl went down at 6:30 into her crib and was not heard from again until 6:30 in the morning, and both adults slept in the same bed all night.  Maybe the planets were just misaligned…

On another note, my parents sent me this travel itinerary for the next 2 years.  How is this even fair?  Hmmm…I wonder if we should join into any of them…I’ve always wanted to go to Ulan Bator…

To expand (or click on above pic)-

Here is the list of 2010/11 travel plans:
1. Denver, CO.
2. China
3. Prague/Budapest/Belgrade/Sarajevo/Zagreb/ Dubrovnik/Split/Ljubljana
4. New York
5. Salt Lake City/Moab/Arches National Park/Canyonlands National park
6. Denver, CO
7. India (two trips: Kerala and Orissa/Bihar/Varanasi/Kujhraho/Jansi)
8. Chile/Argentina/Brazil
9. Denver
10. Vancouver/Victoria/Prince Rupert/Prince George/ Vancouver/Seattle
11. Moscow /Ekateringburg/Novosibirsk/Irkutsk/Ulan Ude/Ulan Bator/Beijing
12. Denver
12. New Zealand/Australia
Let me know if you would like to join in any adventure!

Go Mom and Dad!! I love having such adventurous, curious parents, and it’s certainly where I get my love of travelling.  There’s a Marathi saying: “Paya la bhingri” (excuse the cracked up Marathi) which roughly means: “Having spinning tops on the bottom of your feet.”  My parents used to use it to refer to me since I never seemed to settle down, but I think that they are the ones that it clearly applies to now.

Anyway–I have to go renew my passport.

6 thoughts on “Hey Jealousy

  1. lisa says:

    My parents were like this for several years-I miss it! They “settled down” when my sister needed help and they started doing childcare for her. They still do a few trips a year, but I miss having to look at their itinerary and a map and wonder how many weeks before they would be back in cell phone range. I especially miss the “small trips” when they forgot to tell me and disappeared like delinquent teeenagers. Enjoy!


  2. Geoff says:

    i still remember looking at my dad’s passport from 1993-2003, and he had to get extensions because all the pages were filled up. I was and still am jealous of this kind of travel.

    we have friends ( a couple with 3 kids) who are both ER doctors and he spent quite a bit of time working in Zambia and Uganda and has all this “foreign experience” under his belt. he occasionally goes back, but it’s clear in talking to them, that when their kids are all old enough, they will probably go, as a family, somewhere far away and remote and work for a while. i don’t think that would be out of the question for you guys. Even if it was just a summer — you should look into it.

    my job and karen’s job don’t really allow for that kind of flexibility, but we’d still love it. as for the pure travel — lots of time and money, neither of which we have in too much abundance.

    as for your parents itinerary: i would join in for the australia/new zealand trip in 2011. Hmm, how fun would that plane ride be with a 3 year old girl?! ha! i also notice no trips to NYC to visit your sister — ouch!


    • Sapana says:

      Geoff, please refer to #4 on the list. Don’t you worry about me. My parents will surely have a lot to say on my Brooklyn lifestyle.

      Sujata, maybe I’ll join in on #12 and…#12 as both sound great. Haha. I still hadn’t gotten you back for the “your videos are like QVC ads!” comment, but there you go. One could say I get you back in the public humiliation ways of twitter and facebook, but sometimes it’s just not enough.

      Also, I love how they’re going on these trips now. Remember our long boring summers in Fremont? What of then! Or, even better, our summer in Mamou, LA when they gallivanted around Europe? Okay, fine. There were major trips with us…but nothing THIS cool.


      • Geoff says:

        sapana, how did i miss #4? lucky you!

        and i think the real lesson is to do big time trips WITH the kids. it’s not the same adventure, as I’m discovering while planning our three weeks in europe, but it will be an adventure nevertheless.

        ahh, summers in fremont…


      • sajbat says:

        I’m looking forward to taking the kids on big trips. You know, my parents took me to India almost every other year since I was a baby, and international travel was a LOT harder then. Of course, I remind them that they never had 2 really small kids at the same time, but still. I marvel at the fact that they did that with us and I think that it actually made us better travelers. That being said, I’m waiting until the girl is potty trained before trying anything other than a beach or mountain vacation and not really traveling. Call me a wimp. Also, I have a passport in which I had to get extra pages and it’s one of my proudest accomplishments. 🙂


      • sajbat says:

        Mamou rocks. Also, I can’t wait to leave the kids with you in a few years for the entire summer while Eric and I gallivant around Europe. Consider yourself warned.


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