Slouchy Cardian, Finished

So after all that wrangling about the shoulders, I then tried the thing on partway and felt that the part that goes over the chest was waaaay too small. And, yes, I cut my head off in the picture because I just looked that bad:

I figured then I would just sew it all together and pick up and knit a border, but when I got it all constructed, it worked fine! I figured out that the problem wasn’t the narrow fronts, but that the sleeves were too short and I kept pulling them down to come halfway over my palms which is how I like them.  I unpicked and reknit the sleeves an additional 40 rows and then the fronts were fine.

The boy took all the pics! Nice job, no?

The hood attaches far down enough that it helps to prevent the sweater fronts from rolling inward which also makes them wider.  The little details on this sweater are nice–I especially love how the front ends curl in and the bell shaped sleeves.  The yarn, being a wool/silk blend is also surprisingly warm and this will be the perfect sweater to throw on for Spring nights where it’s just cool enough to want your shoulders covered.  I would consider making this again, but I would definitely make the sleeve circumference just a bit wider so that I could wear it over a long sleeved shirt.  As it is, they’re pretty tight and I can only wear the sweater over tanks or short sleeved shirts.

Nevertheless, I foresee this sweater getting a lot of wear.

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