Summer Tank

I finished my latest knitting project, Spidery Tank, and threw it in the washing machine.  It’s made of cotton, don’t worry!  You finish the straps last so you can adjust to them to exactly the length you want.  I think I must have much shorter shoulders than the rest of the general population, because for the most part when I buy tanks online, they are seriously lower cut on me than on the modeled pictures.  I wanted to wash this first before I finished the straps to see exactly how long they would be since washing can change the size of the garment.  But when I pulled it out, I realized something:

See it? No? Here’s a closer look:

Still no?


See those three little loops? Somehow I managed to drop a stitch waaaay in the beginning of the piece!

At first, I panicked.  Then, I was grateful that it wasn’t a very slippery yarn so that the whole rows didn’t fall apart, and set about to fixing it.

First, I gathered the necessary tools:

Yarn needle, crochet hook, spare yarn, and the pattern.

First, I secured the stitches with the nearest handy thing:

Then, I used the crochet hook to pick up the dropped stitch in the middle, and then looked at the pattern and realized that the three stitches were part of a k3 together so used the hook to pull them all together.

Now there’s just one stitch left on the needle.  I took my yarn needle, threaded with spare yarn, and looped it through this stich and wove the ends in throughout the piece.

Then, when you turn it over, looks perfect!

Then I just knitted the straps to the perfect length, kitchenered them together, and…a great summer tank!

Though my favorite part of that picture is the boy, looking really pissed off that the picture isn’t about him.

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