The Folding of Impossibly Small Clothing

Parents of smallish children, a word of advice.

Whatever you do, do NOT fold laundry while watching the last season of “Friday Night Lights.”

Pick something a bit less poignant, such as “Maid in Manhattan,” or “The Sweetest Thing,” or even “The Proposal.”

Because if you don’t, what will happen is this: you will pick up some ridiculously small dress and begin to fold it. On the screen will be scenes of children acting like teenagers, growing up, growing away, and moving away. And you will realize that the ridiculously small dress you are folding was once a lot smaller, and will soon be replaced by larger and larger dresses (though, of course, judging by some of the clothes I see on adolescents they may not necessarily get that much bigger) and eventually you will simply not be folding any more clothes, as they will hastily be shoved into dorm drawers.

And then you will start to cry.

Spare yourselves and heed my words.

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