Etched Glass, PG version

So after my last foray into glass etching, one of my dear friends emailed me and requested a set of glasses with, shall we say, rather more profane words.

A crafting gauntlet had been thrown down! (Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. But I thought it would be fun and a nice present.)

I got some glasses from World Market and used the same techniques as last time, taking some inspiration from stuff I’ve been reading lately.

I took Jenn’s advice and left the etching cream on overnight this time.  This gave a much nicer result on the glasses.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I had left them out, so when the boy ran downstairs in the morning and yelled up the stairs, “Hey, Mom, what do these words say?!” I was, for the first time, incredibly grateful that his reading isn’t quite that fluent yet.

In keeping with the family-friendliness of this blog, I will leave to your imagination the other letters and words that I made.

Beware of what you suggest I craft in the comments, for it may end up on your doorstep.

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