Two Views on Inheritance

The Girl

One day, while I was getting dressed, the Girl came into the room. Pointing to my engagement ring, she exclaimed, “Mommy! I wan’ wear dat flower wing!”

“Kid,” I said, “You can have it when you’re a grownup.” I reconsidered that, and said, “Actually, you can have it after I die.”

Displeased, she said, “No! I want it now!!!”

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen,” I replied.  She left in a huff.

The Boy:

Eric was putting the Boy to bed, and put on Coltrane for him to listen to as he fell asleep.  Feeling somewhat wistful, he said, “You know, one day, you’re going to be in grad school, sitting around drinking beers with your friends, and someone will put this record on for you and you’ll say, ‘Oh, my dad used to play this album for me,’ and it’ll bring back memories of home.”

The Boy’s eyes light up, and he asks, excitedly, “So, does that mean when you die I get all your music ?!”

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