Outfit rules in our house for the girl:

1) Must be weather appropriate

2)Must sort of kind of fit (lots of wiggle room with this one)

3)Must wear leggings/bike shorts under dresses or skirts so that hanging upside down on the playground is easily done.

aaaaaand, that’s about it.  (Special occasions are, of course, slightly different.  For that there is only one rule and it is this: 1) You will wear 1 of 2 outfits I have chosen.)

Clothes are often inside out, backwards, and more often than not both. Socks never, ever match. The boy, incidentally, is quite traditionally stylish and puts together outfits often complete with accessories, Remember, he’s the kid who wore a 3 piece suit nearly every day for almost a year.

Here’s a typical one:

That is, of course

if I can get her to keep anything on at all.

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