Garden Update-May

After the alpaca adventure last month, there’s been a lot of work done!

All the plants are now in, and I’ve redone the irrigation system to fit the new layout.

The herbs (upper left) have essentially become huge perennial shrubs. I really need to start picking and drying them throughout the season.

I’m waiting for all the sprouts to come up before I mulch with straw and newspaper like last year. The tomatoes and peppers are happy in the walls o water and there are even a few little tomato fruits! Now, I’ve been told that at this point I’m supposed to pick off the flowers and early fruit to encourage growth, is this true?

One of the things I’m bummed about this year is that I usually get all of my starts from a neighborhood woman who grows them in the back of her house and has a lot of great varieties. She (and others) sell at the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market.  This year, my work schedule wouldn’t have allowed me to get to that market until late June so I just bought them at the local nursery.  I didn’t get the exact varieties I was hoping for, but I’m sure what I have will be just fine.

Trying beets again this year with a bit more success so far:

And first year of onions, grown from sets, looking happy:

With all the garden planning, the peas went in late this year, so we’ll see how they do.  I planted bean seeds last week and they’re already coming up! I can’t wait to see how this trellis works out. My only concern is that these plants are close to the house and don’t get as much sun as the stuff even a few feet further out front.

And in the front, Eric built little boxes-still waiting for these to sprout. The little walkway in between is lined with yarrow, creeping thyme, and a few echinacea seeds. The boxes are a little too close to the street and people can’t open their car doors…sorry neighbors. They’re not permanent and we’ll move them next year.

I’d like to try and post every few weeks during the summer- any suggestions/advice welcome!

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