Garden, early June

I tried to save some money by doing the irrigation myself in the front garden. I did hire someone to close the sprinkler heads and put in a single 1/2″ polypipe that I, in theory, would install the system from.  I put in drip line, soaker hose, and then, feeling very proud of myself, ran to the garage to turn on the system and see how it looked. When ran back out front, here’s what I saw:

Not sure how well you can see that, but instead of being a nice steady drip what I had was flailing plastic snakes, doing a very effective job of watering the sidewalk and me. I’m not sure exactly why, but my guess is that the system isn’t pressure controlled the way it should be.  I ran out and bought pressure controlling drip heads, and while it was a bit better, now the lines at the top of the system got no water coming out.  I then went and got a control switch to regulate how much water was coming out, which didn’t make much difference.

Right about now I was thinking that I should have just paid for the pros to do it since I’d likely spent a hell of a lot more time than I needed to. After about two days of various configurations, I think I’ve finally gotten it to work, though I may just end up getting it redone later this season.

The squash and flowers planted in those boxes are beginning to sprout, and the top garden is looking good, too:

Beans/peas/carrots/chard and accidentally planted beets.  I figure, if it’s growing there, let it grow.



and tomatoes

I’ve always wondered if the walls o water really make any difference, and this year I had a tomato and pepper that were planted without them and the difference is pretty remarkable!

Scrawny non-walls plant:

Healthy, bushy looking tomato plant:

Of course, I wonder if it will make any difference in terms of eventual yield.  My 80 year old neighbor teases me about them, but so far I’m impressed.

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