Future Life Plans

I took the kids to the park the other day.  The Girl was in the baby swing (which she is far too big for, really) and another mom comes up and starts pushing her 2 year old in the swing next to ours.

The Girl looks at the mom and promptly introduces herself and our family. She then announces proudly, “I four years old.  I big kid so I wipe my own butt!” The other mom is gracious in her reply and doesn’t giggle too much, when the Girl goes on, “That you baby? Where her big brother?” The mom replies that the little girl is her only baby and she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters yet.

“Oh,” says the Girl. “When you have ‘nother baby in you belly?” The mom smiles and says something like, maybe soon but not yet.

“Oh,” says the Girl. “I have baby in my belly!” Now, she has been saying this for over a year with various amounts of time that the baby will gestate and come out.  At first it was going to be born in 5 minutes.  5 minutes! If only all healthy pregnancies could last so long! The baby gets there, incidentally, because she eats a lot of food.  All you foodies out there, watch out.  Practice safe eating.

Anyhow, this time I ask her, “When is your baby going to be born?”

“When I grow up,” she replies, “baby come out of my butt. Then I marry Sam.  Our wedding be in Minneapolis!”

Whew! Thank goodness that that’s already been decided. Now I can reserve that hard to get wedding spot years in advance! Next post will give details about the registry, which will, like so many modern families, include both wedding presents and baby presents.

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