Kusha Kusha Shawl

This may be the most beautiful thing I have ever knit.

I started this project in March of 2010, and it’s finally done.  I didn’t work on it for months at a time, but it’s been my go to travel project and with all the plane time I’ve spent this year, I think I got through it. This scarf has been with me to San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Vail, Colorado Springs-sometimes I feel like when you knit something that takes this long, some of that history is woven into it.

It’s knit with two yarns, a silk-wrapped stainless steel (yes, steel) and a fine wool in a subtly variegated purple, both are about as thin as your average sewing thread. The steel gives the finished piece a texture, and if you crumple it a bit it will stay that way. They’re both Habu yarns which are some of the most beautiful and unique yarns I’ve ever seen-last year I visited their New York store and it was stunning.

The scarf version of this is pretty, too, but I really wanted a wider shawl, which is why it took a bit longer. It’s so lightweight though that it’s easily wearable as a scarf, too.(Forgive the pictures-real knitting bloggers have photo shoots and photoshop to help them, whereas I have a 6 year old.)

The final instructions call for a light felting, but I’m too scared that it won’t look nice that way and I love it so much as it is I want to leave it.  So there, knitting instructions.

Next up is finishing a baby sweater (just needs buttons) and then onto another piece with more of the Habu yarn, this time with a black cotton/linen tape.

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