Sparkle Scarf

On a trip to Fancy Tiger a few months back, the girl saw this pretty pretty sparkly yarn and fell in love and wanted a scarf. Given that it’s not exactly cheap, I tied some vague, “you must be good” clause to me getting the yarn for her.

I thought she’d forgotten about it entirely, but then on the way back from the Thanksgiving wedding in Houston, she looked up at me and said, “I be so, so good at Megna’s wedding? Now you buy me that ‘parkly yarn and knit me a scarf?” How could I say no?


Yarn: Knit Pixie Collage

Needles: 19 to cast on, 15 to knit

Pattern: Cast on 30, join in round, knit in garter, cast off.  reaaaal complicated.

You can’t see the sparkly goodness in this picture, but trust me, it shimmers.  It’s interwoven with a few strands of what seems like gold tinsel.

It took  me a few tries to get this right since there’s no real pattern-I really wanted a longer scarf that she could loop once around her head.  The first time I finished it, the cast on edge was so tight that I had to unravel the whole thing and cast on with larger needles.  Using size 19 needles for anything makes you feel like you’re knitting with broomsticks.  It also means that the entire thing took about an hour to knit, which is such instant gratification that I want to make about a million of them.

Here’s a picture of her wearing it that just screams, “Look, I just discovered photo filters!”


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