Greek gods

Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite are all what? Do you know? If not look at my title. Yes, you got it! Greek Gods! But do you know how they came to be?  Well do you? First it all started with Chaos and then he felt a great pain and out erupted Night clad in armor of the stars, Gaia clothed in earthen robes, Ebrus so dark only Night could see him, Tartus, the pit, the destroyer, and Uranus, Gaia’s first lover. It was love at first sight between Ebrus and Night. The children of Night and Ebrus where many and all bad except for Hemra and Ather, day and heaven. From Gaia and Uranus came forth the Titans and all sorts of monsters. Uranus trapped all of them inside Gaia. She disliked him for doing this and planned revenge. She made a sycthe out of the sharpest metals she could find then asked her children who wanted to kill Uranus. The youngest Chronos stepped forward and said “I will mother” and as Uranus came to snuggle with Gaia she held him down and Chronos came and killed him. And from his blood the first nymphs came to be and when Chronos threw Uranus’ entrails into the sea, Aphrodite came rising above the waves. Oceanas got angry at Chronos for throwing the entrails into the sea for it was his domain and cursed him with the curse that his sons would kill him.

to be continued

-hf  🙂



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