Star Wars

Aren’t you so exited for the new Star Wars film that came out?!! I haven’t seen it yet but I will soon (on the 28th). I promise I won’t spoil it. It will be good (I hope). Have you seen any of the trailers for it? If you have, one thing to point out is that you see Han and Chewie,  but no Luke!! I am wondering what happened to him? He can’t be Kilo Ren (I think ) because people would think Disney copied the whole Darth Vader as Luke’s father thing. Have you seen Kilo Ren’s light saber? It is pretty darn cool. Also stormtroopers get lightsaber-proof blasters! Awesome!!! But don’t get any Star Wars Lego™ or any Star Wars Lego™ magazines either. They spoil more than the Legos! I am so annoyed about that. 😦  Well, see you next time!


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