How to Train Your Dragon…movie…one.

As you have probably already noticed I like dragons and this is about them.

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Dragons so many to cover the probably most known, as the star show the night furry toothless  is the sweetest dragon ever and most power full as Hiccups Horrendous Haddock The Third (I love saying that) the (also) star of the show but I think that there are much more powerful (as in the changewing witch can camouflage and shoot acid)  but it makes sense that that the star gets the most powerful dragon. Now on to the dragons.

I will start with the common dragons as in the Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, and the Monsteres Nightmare etcetera etcetera…

Deadly-nadder-03.pngThe Deadly Nadder.
These dragons are a lot like the screaming death, both can shot spines from their tail but the similarities end there. Nadders have the best fire for welding nice and concentrated hot fire un like the Monstress Nightmare witch has fire that is hot but is more in a loose line then the Nadder. Also Nadders have wide apart claws on there feet. (very good for grabbing sheep!)

Monsteres Nightmare .jpegThe Monsteres Nightmare.                                                                The Monsteres Nightmare use to be a big problem in Berk these dragons can light themselves on fire as their body in covered head to toe in Monsteres Nightmare gel a green saliva produced by the Monsteres Nightmare it’s self, can be collected and used. The  Monsteres Nightmare is a big fellow probably the bigest common dragon.

terrible-terror-2-how-to-train-your-dragon.pngThe Treble Terror.                                                                                       These tiny terrors are small no doubt but bad as the name suggest          they are treble! They have no spacial thing. (except for being small)      also they have an even more concentrated fire then Nadders.                  But they make the most best  pet ever!

The Hideous Zippleback.                                                                                    Hideous-Zippleback-zippleback03.png                          This particular dragon has two heads one shoots flammable gas the other sparks it and sets it on fire all dragons gather this gas to shot (except for Night Furies) witch they gather in their throat. The Hideous Zippleback also in good trade on the market to!(as Zippleback boots and clothing)

The Gronckle                                                                                                A ferocious stead indeed these bolder class dragons are tough and Gronkle.jpegmean (well at least they were) but they are now some of the cutesiest dragons on berk. they have 6 shots unless they eat a rock then they belch Gronckle lava.


-HF 🙂






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