how are arches formed?

Let’s put aside arches and talk about my experience in Arches National Park. We went to see Double O Arch. We also saw Pine Tree Arch, Tunnel Arch and Partition arch. Partition arch was the most beautiful. There was a small arch next to it. Tunnel arch was brilliant it was a hole in a rock. Pine tree arch had a pine tree in the middle. We didn’t really see double O arch. I’ll tell you that we went to see Delicate arch from the lower view point.


Tunnel Arch. Wow!




Pine Tree Arch. Isn’t it beautiful?



Now lets get back to how are arches formed.


Have you ever wondered how are arches formed? Well I have. 🙂 First, it starts out to be a giant rock. Water flows through and makes cracks in the rock. Second, hail or stone ( I can’t remember) hits the rocks to make cracks and starts to form a arch. Third,water runs though and makes fins and arches (there can be more then 1 arch). Lastly, hail or stone falls and makes the arch.I think arches can be any shape, size and are beautiful.What do you think? I’m telling you to go to Arches it is stunning! I’m pleading you to go to arches and see all the beautiful arches go see Delicate arch and all the ones I mentioned! Please come to arches! yes 🙂 no 😦 maybe so 😐 . thanks! a lot                       -lulubell6042551505_672d47315b_b

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