🙂 I can’t wait to tell you about the beach but also about Lucy who is a wooden elephant that is a home. Now  I really want to tell you about her BUT I want to tell you about how I know about Lucy. My brother and I were at my grandparent’s beach house which we where renting for  that week. If you want read Ocean City, New Jersey go to that page. Now back to how I know about Lucy.  My brother and I on the fifth day we went to a lighthouse then Lucy. We waited for 20-30 minutes while we waited I got a little  elephant to remind me of Lucy.


First, Lucy is a 65 foot wood elephant. Lucy is made  out of one million pieces of wood.Lucy was built to attract people . She has entertained men and women for 128 years. She was built in 1881. People wanted to destroy Lucy and build a hotel but some people raised a thing named  “Save Lucy Committee”and they saved Lucy!!!!!!!!!  Lucy does have one secret – Lucy is not a girl! Lucy is an Asian elephant and  in the Asian species, only the males have tusks. So when we were inside Lucy we went up to the belly. Then we watched a video then went up to Lucy’s back thing  then we went down   to her belly and down. That is the end.

one announcement I will not be remaking how to make oatmeal.


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