Cape May Lighthouse

The first Cape May Lighthouse was built in 1823, but due to erosion the lighthouse was moved and again, soon the lighthouse was moved and rebuilt in 1847, yet thanks to erosion the lighthouse was moved again but rebuilt in 1859. The third Cape May Lighthouse is still standing and if you go to Cape May, this is the lighthouse that you will see. This third lighthouse was built under the supervision of U.S. Army engineer William F. Raynolds. The lighthouse was automated in 1948. So far the lighthouse has changed ownership twice, the first owner was the Coast Guard, but the ownership changed hands into the state of New Jersey, who then leases the lighthouse to MAC (Mid-Atlantic Center for Arts and Humanities). MAC is the one that cleaned up the lighthouse and made it into a still a functional lighthouse and a museum.

The houses on the sides of the lighthouse are the three keepers’ houses. The house on the left is for the main keeper, the house on the right is for the two assistant keepers. Before the picture was taken the houses were about the same size. But soon, due to the assistant keepers’ complaints the house was expanded in 1903. The second keeper’s house was burnt down in 1968.



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