The Black Sand Beaches and the Playground

When we went to the black sand beach area, we found this amazing American ninja warrior play set. There was some logs you had to step on, some things you had to balance on and had to climb. And there was a twisty thing, monkey bars and stuff like that. It was this little loop which was fun and also a little dangerous too. Mom wasn’t going to let us play on it but dad said we could and I am so glad of it!! But we couldn’t go back in the morning. 😭😭

Black sand
One type of black sand is made near volcanic explosions like places near the Ring of Fire. The other type of black sand is made out of fine grains and minerals. In New Zealand, we were on a Black Sand beach but it was the one made from the volcanic explosion. 
They had tools to separate the black sand from the other minerals and they used it by using a magnetic thing because there is iron in the black sand. 


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