When we were at the rainforest, Mom spotted a cassowary! It was the coolest thing ever! We stayed our distance and some people were way too close. When I saw the cassowary I felt excited and glad. You probably want to know why I am glad because it is rare to see. And these are some facts about the cassowary. 1. They’re the most dangerous bird in Australia because it has an inner claw that is a foot long. 2. It’s food is berries and plants.  3. They are flightless.
And after that we went to get ice cream. My friends would like the vines in the rainforest because you could climb the vines and see the rainforest.



(not my picture)



5 thoughts on “Cassowary

  1. David Cooper says:

    From a distance the cassowary looks like a big ‘ol wild turkey. Why are they so mean? What other crazy birds have you seen in Australia?


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