Croc tour

Croc tour
When we went on a croc tour we saw all these crocs jump.

So a croc tour is like when you on a little blue boat, there’s also a bigger one but we’re talking about the small one today and where the people guides feed the crocodiles and when they’re feeding them they make them jump and tempt them a few times and then finally let them eat it. And you’re probably wondering, what type of crocs live in the green algae water? There’s both types of crocs in the river: saltwater and freshwater crocs. The difference between saltwater and freshwater crocs is the freshwater will always run away from you and the saltwater will come and eat you. Well most of the time. But if you try to run off in a zig zag they will fall off balance and not chase you. You’re probably wondering about how I felt when I saw the crocodiles jump.

 There’s many reasons to be scared of crocodiles, but here’s my opinion. Well I was scared because there were tons of crocs and I know how dangerous they are. And they also fed buffalo meat to the crocodiles. I think it’s one of their main things to eat. Did you know that crocodiles were born in tall grasses? Male crocs grow slowly their whole entire life. 

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