The Darwin tour (because I do not know what the tour is actually called)

I yawned but what do you expect from someone who’s been woken up at five in the morning to go to a guided tour! The tour guide picked us up from our hotel and once all of the bus had been filled we set out on our journey! As we drove through the town, I read my book. The book that I was reading was “The Baby Sitter’s Club Book Number Three ‘The Truth About Stacy.’”

But once we got out of the city, the tour guide started talking and talking and some more talking. The only thing was that all of his talking was actually interesting and informational. I listened to some of it and the rest of the time I read. The first stop that we went to was the jumping crocs tour. I know that you are probably thinking that the tour was not fun but you are mistaken, the tour was great! And I highly recommend that you do the tour. (I also highly recommend that you read my sisters blog post) After eating some toast and drinking some tea we got on the ship that would take us to see croc jumping. The guides (for the croc jumping we had different guides) told us that we would be having a smaller boat than was usually provided. So then we walked on to the boat and let the tour guides do the work. The second croc that we saw is the picture belowDSC02675.JPG


The second croc that we saw was the biggest croc that we saw. In my mind, I was reminded a little of “Jurassic Park.” Gulp. In all, we saw three crocs. The guides were dangling buffalo over the side the boat then jerking it up just in time so that the croc did not get the meat right away. They also had to make them jump a certain amount of times so that the crocs hopefully went away hungry so they catch their own food later. At the end, they fed some meat to the sea eagle that was around and it was amazing! They also fed some meat to the kites.


After the jumping crocs we went to a little road side shop named The Banyan Tree and ate lunch there. Then after that we went to the fresh water pool. The pool was giant and I did not like it. Also the pool had rocks that you could climb on but it was quite a swim to the rocks but I still made it and only afterwards did we find out that the rocks were sacred and you weren’t supposed to climb the rocks. The next spring was up a little further and there was a rock that everybody dived off of and did it again. It was awesome! The next place we only looked at a waterfall and ate a snack. After that, we went home and that concluded our day!     the end






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