Arriving in Japan

This adventure of mine starts in Vietnam. The day was bright and sunny and we were all ecstatic about going to Japan. Soon our day collapsed on itself and soon we were all grumpy, especially me. Luckily we made it home and to some where we could eat. But we grew tired because our flight was at nine pm. Mom thinks red-eyes are better for us. They are NOT! We tried to pick our restraunt but we couldn’t find anything good. We finally decided on a place called Ha!Ha! Sushi. It was very close. It was okay but it was enough. Then we hastened to the airport. While at the airport, our gate changed twice. Since she was almost delerious with lack of sleep, lulubelle ran onto the wrong end of a moving walkway. In desperation of what to do my sister and I started some minecraft. I started a secret base that looks like a hill and somme underground catacombs. Even lu was fooled trying to find the base. Soon after that, we had to board the plane. Although the plane was really nice type, a 787, we went to sleep right away. When I woke up at 3 a.m. it seemed the rest of my family was up too. Since I was up I decided to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone which I think is my favorite Harry Potter movie so far. And after waiting an hour or two we finally got off! We were all excited to see Japan and its’ amazing toilets. After we,we all had to go to the bathroom, got out of the toilets we got a ride from one of those random car that drive around the airport. It was quite fun. Then we were soon out of the airport and to our house. The next few days were fun but I have something more fun to talk about in my next blog post. drumroll !!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Next post.


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